GOALD.finance is an automated savings certificate that allows you to lock away bitcoin backed tokens at your own pace. Anyone can use the NFT deployer framework to create a NFT savings certificate choosing the features as needed.

Determining a payment schedule gives you the freedom to save at your own pace. This contract replaces traditional pension funds, or savings accounts and the GOALD.finance deployer is managed by the GOALD-DAO. There is no extra fee to deploy the savings contract besides the contract gas.

You choose!

Each user chooses which token the NFT will accumulate, the token they will pay with, the payment period, the number of payments, and the payment amount at the time of deployment. The savings certificate automates the conversion of the token payments into token bitcoin. This token bitcoin is locked in the savings certificate until the contract is paid in full.

The GOALD_BTC contract deployer eats a 0.25% fee for every payment made into each deployment contract. Each fee is sent to the GOALD DAO which is managed by the token holders.

You govern!

The GOALD Governance Tokens are distributed with the use of the platform on a depreciating schedule. These tokens control the upgrade path for the GOALD.finance product and all rewards contained in the GOALD-DAO. These ERC_20 tokens have a max supply, can be sold immediately, or held onto to vote on protocol changes.