Dao Records seeks to empower every musical artist by minting revolutionary Audio NFT. These NFT fill gaps left in the traditional music industry and give artists control over their own art-works.

Dao records has completely re-imagined what making music can look like in the digital age and through the minting process, created more equity for every musician.

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DAO Records


Bone Police

Bone Police is the electric fade project from Seattle based musician/producer Jacob Bruggman. The project began in late 2018 with the release of the single “Pizza Night at Party Palace” on the Holy Organs Music Co. Vol I vinyl compilation record. Since, Bone Police have released two NFTs: “Nah (Can’t Relate)” and “Felt My Face Drip Off”, which are singles from an eventual collected works titled: Talk To Your Loved Ones About Their Racism.

Jason Vandal

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Vandal paid his dues in the early 90’s Hip Hop scene as an emcee and producer. Not long after, his love for travelling would put him on course to bring both worlds together and eventually the nomadic addict planted his roots in Kuala Lumpur, where he would solidify himself as a leader in the community.
In 2017 when he found Blockchain, Vandal set forth on a new journey to bring decentralized technology to his network and is now leading the charge in Audio NFTs through his project DAOrecords.

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