Growing Bits

A Metaverse native company that is deploying and growing technology in the digital space

At Bittrees we approach the development of the metaverse from 3 Key angles:





We AUTOMATE business processes through the use of technology. Using automated technologies to pilot business processes allows for a greater ease of use, more accurate record keeping, and an unmatched level of transparency and security.


We DEVELOP asset and governance structures for Non-Fungible and Fungible Assets. These structures offer off the shelf solutions for the individual, as well as larger businesses. All structures are inherently scalable, and designed as answers to real-world problems


We BUILD strategies that capitalize on the unique characteristics of the metaverse. Using this immerging technology, our focus is on fostering connections between people. We aim to ease the mechanisms that contribute to the flourishment of any community.



Bittrees is a metaverse native company with its corporate headquarters located in cryptovoxels. We are a business and services company that designs and develops technology stacks that service virtual spaces and their users.

The Bittrees Portal Network helps adventurers travel across the ever growing Cryptovoxels virtual reality ecosystem.

We see the metaverse as a mirror of the physical world where the only limit is the imagination.

Lets grow bits!

Meet Our Team



Ben and I met at a small family owned tech company that specialized in computer hardware technology. I wouldn't stop talking about bitcoin and crypto currency so eventually Ben opened up to exploring if we could monetize technology in the industry.

We both held a desire to help and empower individuals through the use of technology. We saw the blockchain industry growing at a rapid pace and thought we could help innovate within the space. 

We started the typical crypto route by looking into a trading algorithm but quickly shifted to building technology that would allow a user to create their index across multiple chains.

In October 2019 I stumbled upon Cryptovoxels and saw a massive opportunity. We saw a whole new world evolving within the virtual space and we had to take the leap shifting gears to build technology servicing the NFT space more specifically.

We see the metaverse as a mimic of the real world where the only limit is your imagination.

We see a bright future where fully functioning economies exist purely digitally and we aim to be the company in the space.

My applicable background mostly comes from my formal education. I attended Central Washington University where I studied economics in quantitative finance before dropping out. Other than that I am mainly self-taught. I've always been fascinated about the history of money, the development of economic systems and future technology and their applications.

Money and contracts are some of the most fundamental elements of society next to water and housing. Bittrees helps people by making simple what was previously complicated.

Dalton Ford


I have 3+ years of experience providing technical solutions for a variety of industries and businesses. Knowledgeable technical manager with developed skills in customer service, network management, and hardware repair. Dynamic employee with a background in both management and technical support.



I had started my university career in marketing and eventually switched to education. After all, the ethos is similar: offering the right information to the people who need it.

My certifications in education allowed me to spend many years traveling and teaching abroad. During that time I worked on making messages clear and easily understood. I picked up quickly on all facets of communication, having often to express myself without language.

It was during a trip abroad that I met Jonathan and began discussing finances, crypto currency, financial agency, and the ethical duties of businesses.

Upon my return, I combined the theory with my practice abroad and ended up working with different startups, where I rose quickly through the rungs.  

The Crypto world is of particular interest to me as it is fundamentally transparent by virtue of the technology. I see the battle for financial equity growing larger every year. People have a right to greater financial stability, to higher business standards, and for dispersed equity for all.



I've been coding for over 15 years, and have worked up and down the technology stack, from sysadmin work to gamedev to internal tooling and analytics. I believe that performance and security are first-class features in any product. Jonathan and I worked together at the same company for about a year.
We spent a lot of time discussing technology, futurism, and crypto. We decided to start working on a DeFi project, VTG, that ended up pivoting a few times into Bittrees.
Now we're working on pioneering DeFi infrastructure and pushing the boundaries of what NFTs can do. I'm excited for what blockchain can offer, and how the trustless distributed nature can be leveraged. It's not a universal solution, but incorruptible proof of ownership is a big deal.



I have worked in a number of fields, from social work where I was a job coach training adults with disabilities how to work, to bartending and food service in fine dining. This coupled with my general gregarious nature has engendered a number of soft skills that have helped me navigate personal and business relationships. It was these soft skills that helped Jonathan and I make such a strong connection, and one of the biggest strengths I bring to bittrees.

Bittrees has a lot to offer anyone interested in crypto and defi. The NFT wrapper protocol alone could revolutionize defi as we know it today. The GOALD protocol has the ability to change how interested parties interact with banking concepts and in essence created bitcoin bearer bonds.

These ideas and protocols built by Jonathan and Ben can and will alter the fabric of finance forever.



I've had the pleasure of working in the Human Resources arena for over 20 years, primarily in Hospitality, Golf and Real Estate Development.

Although I was always curious and intrigued by the Crypto space, I honestly was overwhelmed with where to start or who to trust. I think for many, breaking from the traditional way of thinking is challenging, so it's great to be aligned with Jonathan and the talented team at Bittrees who have a passion for sharing and educating.

Education about this space helps everyone. I was drawn to Bittrees’ driving force which centers on helping others and the community as a whole. Creating avenues of eliminating the middleman saves everyone time and money and the projects Bittrees is working on does just that.

I'm excited to apply my years of experience in HR and Organization Development to this company. The days when HR was only viewed as the “principal’s office” are long gone. With that being said, I'm proud to be Bittrees strategic HR business partner focusing on streamlining processes, improving productivity, positioning the company for growth and making sure we have fun doing so!